Simple Gauntlet Pattern - FREE

These gauntlets are fast, simple, and very satisfying. They make quick, easy gifts that stand out. The yarn’s texture and depth of colour works with the simple design to create extra interest and a unique, handmade aesthetic.



7mm/US10.75 double pointed needles

1 skein Noro Odori


Yarn Notes 
If you want an exactly matching pair you should probably get 2 skeins of yarn, otherwise your mitts will be deliciously randomly matched. If you are ok with them being matchy, but not exactly the same, I think the following colourways will probably work better:

  • 8 (purple/blue, 1st picture)
  • 1 (black/brown/lt. grey)
  • 7 (red/pink/rust).

Other colours will turn out less matchy:

  • 11 (blue/pink/black/teal/green)
  • 8 (rainbow)


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 This pattern is FREE. You do not be asked to pay for it, but to get it you have to go through our check-out process. You do not need to create an account to check-out or provide a credit card or any other payment information (unless you are purchasing something else along with it). Thanks! 

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